Financial Related Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for services? There is no long drawn out process to get services through our company. You don’t have to get a referral from your doctor.   If you need services we will gladly provide them for you.

Who pays for these services? There are several ways to pay for our services. Below you will find a list of agencies that pay for our services.

  • Medicaid-only through Community Long Term Care (CLTC)-If you have Medicaid or you qualify for Medicaid, CLTC assigns you a case manager to assist you in deciding what types of assistance you need and to inform you of the types of assistance available to you. There is a waiting list but you are placed on this waiting list by degree of need-Contact at (864)224-9452
  • Veterans Administration-through the Community Health Program-If you are a veteran, speak with you physician at the VA clinic where you receive your regular care or contact the VA hospital that you go to for care to inquire about these home based services. **The VA doesn’t always pay 100% of the bill. This is decided by your percentage of disability as well as your years of service.
    • So far we have worked with the VA in Columbia, Augusta, and Asheville. 
    • Contact info:  VA Columbia 803-776-4000 VA Augusta 706-733-0188
    • Or your local VA Clinic
  • Alzheimer’s Association-usually $500 voucher -  If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. They also offer free support group meetings.  Contact at (864) 224-3045
  • Family Caregiver Support Group-This is a federal grant usually given to a family member who is doing the majority of the care that a client needs.  This allows the family member to have some respite time. Usually $500 voucher. Contact Sam Wiley or Debra Brown at (864)241-4616.
  • Long Term Care Insurance-This is a policy that is not usually included in standard insurance packages but purchased separately. Check your insurance policies or contact your insurance agent to see if you have this insurance and what the limitations on the policy are.
  • Senior Solutions Voucher-Depending on funding Senior Solutions offers vouchers that will pay for some services. Contact Jennifer Riggins at (864) 332-5378.

I see Medicaid on the list of sources that pay for your services. What about Medicare? Medicare does NOT pay for our services because we are non medical. Medicare only pays for medical services.

What if I don’t have any of these options? We also accept private payments for these services. Please call our local office and we will explain our charges and minimum visit requirements.

Main office (864)224-3430 or Toll Free 1-866-312-3070 (Anderson)
Seneca office (864)882-1154

If I need help at night or on the weekends, do I have to pay more? No you do not. The only time we charge more than our standard hourly rate is on a legal holiday or if you require more than 40 hours of service per week and you don’t want more than one aide any time over 40 hours will be billed at time and a half. On legal holidays we charge time and a half because we pay our aides time and a half to work these days.

Do I pay the aide when they come for a visit? No you do not ever pay the aide. Our services are billed monthly after services are rendered. Typically the billing is sent out by the 15th of the following month.  If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call!

Anderson Location

No Place Like Home
211 East Calhoun Street
Anderson, South Carolina 29621
(864) 224-3430
Toll Free 1-866-312-3070

Seneca Location

No Place Like Home
510 Mountain View Dr, Suite 100
Seneca, South Carolina 29672
(864) 882-1154
Toll Free 1-866-312-3070

home care for old people


What you do for people is so very important.  Thank you for helping to care for my mother and all the other mothers too!  Keep up the good work!


We would like to thank all of you who took such good care of my father. Thank you so much, we will never forget you all.


Thanks so much for your help recouping from back surgery. The ladies you sent were great.


Our Services are very flexible and available to be scheduled on an hourly basis.  Whether your need is for a weekly trip to therapy, the grocery store or a helping hand and friendly face around the house, you will find the service and schedule that meets your needs.

There is no longer a need to rely on a neighbor or your children for extra assistance, you can depend on us.  Our caregivers are reliable and experienced professionals, who have undergone a complete background check.

You have your own schedule and commitments.  Our services can be tailored to meet your personal requirements.  We'll work with you, your doctor and your family to ensure that you have the best of care.

Because you decide how often and when you need us, you'll find NO PLACE LIKE HOME affordable and convenient.